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The Onion has this particularly incisive piece of social commentary: If I Don't Get My Medium-Rare Shell Steak With Roasted Vegetables In The Next 10 Minutes, The Terrorists Have Already Won
Do you want the blood of our forefathers to have been spilled for nothing? Well, if you can't bring us the entrees we need to rebuild our strength as a nation in the next five minutes, you might as well move to Afghanistan and join in one of their American-flag-burning rallies. Because that's what you're really doing.

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Posted by: Michael S. Thu Nov 8 12:25:50 2001

"... there is a law of inverse proportion which multiplies to such an extent anything that concerns our own welfare and divides by such a formidable figure anything that does not concern it, that the death of unknown millions is felt by us as the most insignificant of sensations, hardly even as disagreeable as a draught. Mme Verdurin, who suffered even more from her headaches now that she could no longer get croissants to dip in her breakfast coffee, had eventually obtained a prescription from Cottard permitting her to have them specially made in a certain restaurant of which we have spoken. ..." (Proust, "Time Regained")

Posted by: Jimbob Thu Nov 8 12:49:05 2001

I thought the feature article, about millions suffering around the world could do with an all star benefit, to be a bit subversive too.

Posted by: Bill the Splut Sat Nov 10 03:52:16 2001

To borrow ACB's phrase, Life imitates the Onion: