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So here it comes, everyone; the election is nigh. And who am I going to vote for? I'm going to give my first preference to the Greens, followed by the remaining parties in inverse order of obnoxiousness and chance-of-winning. In the Senate (always fun), Murgatroyd is likely to get a relatively high preference from me.

Whom are you going to vote for?

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Posted by: Graham Fri Nov 9 23:47:14 2001

Yep, just did it, Greens in both. I got a bit of a hoot from the older blokes handing out Coalition HOWTOs, when I brushed past them without taking any. Obviously I was out to mug someone afterwards. Didn't have any cash to buy anything from the cake stall, unfortunately.

Posted by: Ben Sat Nov 10 00:46:54 2001

Hehe. What a waste of 15 minutes. You shouldn't even be pretending to support dumb-ox-racy. That's my usual reply when simpletons ask me how I intend to vote. BTW you realise if the Greens ever got in they would probably make Pol Pot look like a model economic theorist?

Posted by: Graham Sat Nov 10 01:33:11 2001

Yeah, and you'll be first to the re-education camps when we get into power. Ha ha. Ha HA! Mwuahahahahahahahaaaaa!

Posted by: JImbob Sat Nov 10 03:15:40 2001

Gave it to Labor in 'da House (I feel so dirty, but the sitting liberal in my seat is an Uber-bitch) but the Greens got my vote in the 'nate.

Posted by: Ben Sat Nov 10 04:53:28 2001

Just look at what happened with the No Self Government MPs who got elected in the ACT and suddenly decided they liked getting a Parliamentary salary, and the business with the Nuclear Disarmament candidate in WA some years back.

Posted by: Graham Sun Nov 11 12:19:03 2001

Yeah, and buggered if we're ever going to abolish the states, even though that would be a Good Thing if you could handle it right. (Why not? For fear of offending whom? People from Cairns? People from Cairns distrust Brisbane even more than Canberra.)

Posted by: acb Sun Nov 11 23:13:09 2001

Btw, Murgatroyd didn't run in this election, and nor did anyone else from the McGillicuddy Serious Party or any such group. Maybe they didn't have enough money for the deposit.

Posted by: Ben Mon Nov 12 09:31:30 2001

I thought he was nominally the candidate for the Imperial British Conservative Party?

Posted by: acb Tue Nov 13 02:25:27 2001

He was, a few elections ago. The McGSP was his party in New Zealand (he has dual citizenship), but for a while he said that they're disqualified from being a party in Australia for that reason. Though I think he ran (unofficially) as part of the McGSP a few elections ago.

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