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The Guardian reports a growing split in the US-UK alliance concerning the war; in particular, the British are uneasy about elements in the Pentagon pushing for an all-out assault on Iraq:
One British minister said that bombing Iraq would be catastrophic because women and children would be killed and the consequences for the US and Britain in the Arab world would be unimaginably dangerous. He warned that US and British embassies in the Arab world would have to close and British civilians would have to be advised to leave the area. He feared that moderate Arab regimes would be swept away.

Meanwhile, former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton, now at Oxford, is offended by the anti-American sentiment of "peace demonstrators":

"I bristle at these suggestions. The idea that anyone believes America would enter into this conflict capriciously boggles my mind, and the notion that the United States is acting without regard to the Afghan people is offensive," Ms Clinton wrote in the US magazine, Talk.

Maybe someone ought to tell those uppity Brits that if it wasn't for the good old U.S. of A, they'd be speaking German now, so just shut up and toe the line.

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Posted by: alex http:// Sat Nov 10 08:01:28 2001

and if it wasn't for a pschizophrenic limey faggot, they'd all be speaking german.

the yanks stayed out of dubya-dubya-eye-eye because they were still psychologically scarred from their civil war.

who knows how many lives that decision cost.

Can anyone tell me anything about how Rockerfeller allegedly orchestrated both "World" wars?

Posted by: acb Sat Nov 10 12:04:49 2001

Ask the John Birch Society, or your local group of borderline-racist ultra-right-wing paranoids.

Posted by: acb Sat Nov 10 12:32:08 2001

anyway, the Americans single-handedly captured and cracked Enigma. I saw it in U-571, and Hollywood wouldn't lie about such things, would it?

Posted by: alex http:// Sat Nov 10 13:33:40 2001

now there's a coming storm if ever I saw one - the Pentagon approving films it likes, the directors of films they don't like mysteriously falling out of 50 storey buildings on acid. Same goes for TV producers. Anyone else feel like migrating to NZ? They've got the next two LoTR movies to make yet, they're anti-nuke, umm, and they need some company :)

Posted by: acb Sat Nov 10 15:45:25 2001

I believe the Pentagon already vets scripts and puts its imprimatur on movies. Well, any movies requiring any cooperation from the military, at least, and possibly others depicting the US military (so that the studios stay in the Pentagon's good books; if Paramount did something about a My Lai-style massacre by US troops, they may have trouble getting permission to film on US military bases for future films).

Posted by: Ben Mon Nov 12 09:30:22 2001

I blame the jews myself.

Posted by: acb Tue Nov 13 02:23:50 2001

Ah, a Robot Wisdom reader then?

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