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Semiopathy is a condition which causes its victims to over-empathise with objects:
Kathy Haskard, meanwhile, tells us of the wave of sympathy that washed over her when she saw a sign on a country road in Tasmania saying: "Warning, depressed bridge ahead". Roger Lampert, on the other hand, was perhaps suffering more from semiophobia when, at an early age, he was deeply distressed by the sight of the local "family butcher".
Meanwhile, Sandy Henderson tells us that at Dunblane, near where he lives, is a sign that reads "Hummingbird House Training Centre". Henderson says he hadn't realised that hummingbirds needed house training, but it was very thoughtful of someone to set up a centre to provide it.

Do you have any similar examples to recount? If so, post them in the Comments.

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Posted by: lisa Tue Nov 20 17:57:37 2001

Yah... It seems like a faster word playing skill. I do the same thing, but it doesn't affect me the way it seems to affect these people.

Is semiopathy over-empathy with objects or more specifically "[adjective] objects"?

I don't know if it's related but I do things like personalize items (like "happy electrons jumping from state to state" or a "unhappy computer" or talking to my car). I project emotions and feelings onto non-sentient objects. I can't think of any phrases or signs that have triggered empathy.

The guys that worked for me (who I trained in networking as the topics came up) remember how I would talk about the Big Boss Server and how it was like a manager, delgating all the real work around to the associate-servers so that the boss could sit there and watch. I see this personality of the Big Boss Server and one for the associate-servers. And that personality sticks to the object.

My boyfriend's truck seems like some big strong animal to me. I cannot at all explain why it's like

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