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USENET... hmmm, yes, I remember that: Google has just put online a USENET archive going back to 1981. This contains many posts of historical significance, such as Linus Torvalds announcing his pet project, and an excited discussion, from 1982, about a doovy new gadget called the Commodore 64.

Which of course means that all the silly juvenile rubbish that one posted to the Net is now available for all the world to see what a bozo one was.

No, I won't link to all the daft shit I posted to USENET; you can find it easily enough (hint: look in alt.religion.kibology). Suffice it to say that I was a snotty smartarse with no life to speak of outside of USENET. (In my defence, I lived in an outer suburb an hour away from where anything of interest happened.) Whereas now I'm a smartarse with a weblog, who lives in the inner city, sees bands and pontificates on obscure records. (Which doesn't make me cool, incidentally; just a record-collecting geek. There's a reason why it's compared to trainspotting, you know.) But at least now my friends are people I've actually met...

However, two posts of historical note from the archives: the post where I proposed the creation of alt.discordia (I was "Lee Harvey Oswald Smith"), shortly after having read Illuminatus! and decided that I was a Discordian. (Which I still am, when I feel like it.) And here is my first-ever USENET post. Oh yes, and the thing about my being the most evil person on the Net in 1994 is true. Quake before my godlike mojo, foolish meat-beings.

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