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This looks interesting: WinTel, a MacOS X program which can run PC OSes under MacOS X. They're selling it for US$30. Judging from the screenshot on their site, it appears to be just Bochs, an open-source PC emulator, with some more user-friendly packaging.

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Posted by: Claire Thu Dec 13 18:54:19 2001

Of course that's also the company that supposedly drove the main fink developer to distraction by taking others' work, repackaging it, and claiming it as their own.

It may be that paying for free software makes some long-time Mac users happy, but be aware that the money isn't necessarily going to the people who develop and maintain that software.

(Also, be aware that sometimes you get what you pay for -- my understanding is that Bochs's performance is somewhat underwhelming compared with VirtualPC. That may change in time, but right now, the commercial software has a big headstart.)

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