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Trainspotting: Melbourne's Spencer Street railway station, the city's main hub for rural and interstate trains, will be renamed to Southern Cross Station. Not quite as craven as renaming Museum to Melbourne Central (which is misleading, as it is not a central rail interchange, but was renamed as such because the owners of the Melbourne Central shopping centre bribed the government to do so), but still with a whiff of branding. Oh well; at least it's not "SouthernCross" or "Southcross(tm)" or some made-up word ending in "-nt".

Though I believe that when the station was originally built, in the 19th century, it was simply known as Melbourne. Perhaps reverting to its original name would have been more appropriate.

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Posted by: Graham Tue Dec 18 07:53:30 2001

Never mind changing the name, the station itself sorely needs a major refurbishment, though I do hear this is in the pipeline. Especially those crappy multi-segmented displays and the concourse to the suburban platforms.

Posted by: acb Tue Dec 18 10:34:31 2001

Those multi-segmented displays look pretty nifty; how do they make them look like they're ceramic tiles anyway?

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