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Iceland is set to replace fossil fuels with hydrogen, by installing fuel cells on vehicles (starting with the Reykjavik bus fleet, and continuing on to its fishing trawlers). This will not only reduce Iceland's greenhouse gas emissions dramatically, but also (it is planned) make the state independent of foreign imports for its energy.

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Posted by: JImbob Tue Dec 25 12:04:01 2001

Gawd I want to live in Iceland.

Posted by: Graham Tue Dec 25 12:58:00 2001

Ahh, but could you put up with the winters and the expensive grog?

Posted by: Jimbob Wed Dec 26 01:19:35 2001

True, but my plan is: 1) Get rich. 2) Move to Iceland. I'd like to think I can stand the cold, but then I've never been anywhere where it's colder than 5 degrees.

Posted by: kenny http:// Wed Dec 26 18:32:50 2001

there's this weird iceland=utopia vibe been going on i've noticed. this only confirms it!

Posted by: acb Thu Dec 27 06:02:05 2001

Apparently the suicide rate there is very high; this is partly because of the lack of sunlight.

However, a country that produces the likes of Björk and Sigur Rós, and where every citizen is a parliamentarian, cannot be all bad.