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The Church of Euthanasia (which is like a cross between VHEMT, the Church of the SubGenius and something Jim Goad or someone could have come up with) has a new video out. Titled I Like To Watch, it splices footage of the WTC attack with pornography and sports coverage, over an electronic soundtrack, all to make a statement:
"I found it very beautiful." He continues: "I don't believe that I'm the only person in the world who derived sexual gratification from watching two of America's tallest buildings destroyed, but I do believe that I'm one of the few people with the courage to admit this in public. As an artist, I have an obligation to capture my feelings as accurately as possible. What I'm feeling may make me a monster, but I don't believe I'm alone in being a monster."

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Posted by: mihaly http:// Mon Dec 31 09:28:50 2001

While I find this at the same time both reprehensible and honourable. there is in me also a sense of recognition. I saved some of the images from the web "coverage" of the horror amongst my saving of images from various other sites I had been browsing only days/hours before. So as I reviewed some of the images that I had saved (and I make no apology for being turned on by sexual imagery - by consenting adults, or at best whatever it is that discerns 'good' porn from 'bad' porn, I am aware that there are elements of both in amongst it, and I would hope to be somewhat discerning, nevertheless, what I personally may find acceptible isnt neccesarily the same as what others find so... and here let my aside be said, without going into existing arguments, it is rather to describe something similar to the message to which I wish to respond: so I will)

Amongst the porn images which I had (greedily) saved, I found the occasional image of the recording images of the terror and horror of the planes cr

Posted by: acb Mon Dec 31 11:07:05 2001

Congratulations. You deserve a medal.

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