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Life, liberty and the pursuit of bootywhang: Chicks don't dig Libertarians, or conservatives of any stripe. Unless the chicks in question are characters from an Ayn Rand novel, of course. According to this article, the dating scene is not kind to neo-liberalists, libertarians, neo-conservatives and such. (via Reenhead)

(Which is funny, really, as the dating game is the oldest form of laissez-faire market capitalism in history; I guess a dreadlocked Nu Marxist in a Rage Against the Machine T-shirt just makes a better capitalist than a polo-shirted Young Liberal.)

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Posted by: TOBY Thu Jan 17 14:22:04 2002

Are you implying that (Young) Liberals know liberty from a hole in the ground...?

Funny you should make that comment about dating==capitalism; I've been musing lately whether women are sexual capitalists while men are sexual socialists... I'm not sure, and not game to raise the topic in female hearing :)

Posted by: acb Thu Jan 17 15:02:37 2002

I'm thinking of printing stickers reading "LOVE == CAPITALISM", in a suitably bold sans-serif face, and putting them on any Valentine's Day-related marketing material as F14 draws nigh. Want some stickers?

(Alas, though, is taken.)

Posted by: acb Thu Jan 17 15:05:41 2002

Re: Young Libs. I recall that the SA branch wanted to legalise all drugs a while ago. So presumably the organisation would draw in the sorts of people who become Libertarians in the US. (And who are described by some US wags as "Republicans who smoke pot".)

Posted by: Mike Skallas Thu Jan 17 22:50:47 2002

Wow, I've noticed the complete opposite in normal US society. Women will always go for the Republican with the suit and car vs. any liberal of any stripe whose ambitions don't involve owning a five bedroom house.

Of course its all a matter of where you go. Work is probably the worst place to meet someone if you lean mostly to the left.

Posted by: Graham Thu Jan 17 23:27:53 2002

Yeah, well, judging some of the motions from the Young Libs' recent conference, they've stepped into line with daddy, with motions about removing Greenpeace's tax deductible status and something about telling the UNHCR to fuck off. Though that can still be regarded as a libertarian stance, I suppose.

Posted by: JImbob Fri Jan 18 01:26:17 2002

What inspires a young person to wake up one morning and think to themselves "hmmm...I'm going to go join the Young Liberals!". I guess we'll never know.

Posted by: acb Fri Jan 18 04:53:51 2002

After being put through Joan Kirner's social-engineering experiment (a.k.a. the VCE) I briefly went to Liberal Club meetings at uni; that is, until Jeff got elected. Soem stereotypes are true: most Liberal Students are law students, and live in Toorak, Brighton or other old-money suburbs.

Someone I know once dated a neo-Nazi, many years ago. He's now apparently high up in the Liberal Party in Canberra (though not in public life).

Posted by: acb Fri Jan 18 04:55:20 2002

Btw, does the Howard government have any plans to remove Greenpeace's tax-deductable status, or is it just the young extremists?

Posted by: Toby Fri Jan 18 08:35:29 2002

Love==capitalism? Clever, but perhaps SEX==CaPITALISM is more accurate. Ooops, that typo proves I'm not much of a capitalist <groan>

Posted by: Toby Fri Jan 18 08:44:05 2002

What inspires someone to wake up in the morning and think, "Today I'm going to *vote* for the <expletive> Liberals!", I wonder. Although voting at all is pointless. Anyone care to hear my calculation that one vote is *designed* to be the smallest possible unit of power? (i.e. take the unit of power required to sway an election, and divide it into 20 million, and give each voter that fraction. No thanks! I think I'd prefer my power in larger slabs than that. Yes, that's right: how about Packer sized blocs. Or Murdoch sized blocs. The kind of bundles of 100,000s of votes that having a media mouthpiece can give you. How naive are these kids who finish high school and believe the <expletive> AEC when they're told, "Do something for yourself! Vote!" when the truth is, you're better off NOT being on their books, when the shit hits the fan; and almost anything is more effective at changing the status quo than a vote. But don't expect to read that in the Herald Sun, or see it in a 15 second spot on Channel 9. Read a

Posted by: acb Fri Jan 18 09:08:11 2002

As for love, sex and capitalism, I'd say that romantic love (i.e., mate selection) is every bit as much a classic capitalist marketplace situation as sex; in fact, perhaps more so, as it's more of a long-term proposition (genetic investment and all that).

Even if you're socialist, your genes are capitalist; something to think about...

Posted by: Toby Fri Jan 18 12:14:17 2002

Love, sex, whatever.

While we're in a political mood, everyone's favourite Parental Advisory wartime comic has added some pages:

Hang in till page 7.

Which reminds me, did you see the terrific Bruce Petty this week?

Posted by: Zippy the Pinhead http:// Fri Aug 2 05:36:06 2002