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"Won't you ever ask me / who's going to make this night / the loneliest night of the year:" Valentine's Day, that celebration of the essentiality of coupledness to human self-worth and the essentiality of conspicuous consumption to the maintenance of coupledness, is approaching. Already the signs are appearing, just like shop-window Christmas paraphernalia in early November: pink, fluffy ads for romance-related goods and services are hung in shop windows, and spam reading "VALENTINE MUST: VIAGRA ORDERS MADE EASY" is flooding into inboxes.

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Posted by: memphet http:// Thu Jan 31 17:06:24 2002

well, it's only 2 weeks away.

Posted by: Paul Hoffman http:// Fri Feb 1 00:10:06 2002

About 20 years ago, just as "new wave" was waning, the college station at UC Berkeley had a great Valentine's day show called "Love or Lust". People called in their favorite songs that typified one or the other.

Another year, they did an hour of "not in love" songs, such as Joe Jackson's "Happy Loving Couples" and Roxy Music's "Running WIld.

Posted by: acb Fri Feb 1 02:15:41 2002

Heh. I'd add to that list:

- anything by The Smiths or Morrissey - _Ciao_ by Lush - _Ribbons_ by the Sisters of Mercy

Any other candidates for the Essential Valentine's Day Mix Tape?

Posted by: bunch_of_flowers http:// Sun Feb 3 14:35:38 2002

Valentine's Day coincides with my birthday. So there's double reason for some people to overdo(se) their affective correctness and purchase flowers and the like in bulk .-)

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