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Oh dear... Goth Trailer Park, two concepts that usually aren't mentioned in the same sentence. (via Quiddity)

(Actually, I heard that they do have goths in the Deep South, only they're all worshippin' Satan, stagin' ritual vampire killings or shootin' up their high schools with Pa's shotgun, or else merely en route to New Orleans from somewhere else.)

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Posted by: memphet http:// Tue Feb 5 20:46:39 2002

Yes, the ones I know have herpes. !

Posted by: acb Wed Feb 6 03:04:31 2002

That's nice.

Posted by: memphet http:// Fri Feb 8 00:33:26 2002

they do.

Posted by: mrsmalkav Fri Feb 8 21:53:06 2002

When I showed this link to a Dallas-originated Goth friend of mine, he told me it reminded him very clearly of quite a few memories he had repressed - along with some ex-girlfriends.

I've always wondered how these southerners could consider themselves so goth and utterly depressed and woeful, but steeyel tawk with theyer ax-scents. I used to giggle non-stop when I heard these painted folk speak in the non-belle southern accent.

Woo-boy, y'all.

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