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An interesting analysis of boy/girl bands, allegedly from an (unnamed) US study.
Percentage of unique words in lyrics. Average word length. Frequency of "love", "heart" and "baby". These were the criteria used by a US study of boy, girl and teen bands. The researchers picked albums by four of the biggest pop acts around - Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and 'N Sync - and pitted them against an album by Pink Floyd, their musical opposite.
"there is a scientifically proven relationship between how bad a band is and the number of times they sing the word 'baby' "

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Posted by: Graham Fri Feb 8 23:31:11 2002

Pink Floyd? Their musical opposite?

Posted by: Higgins Whilshire IV http:// Sat Feb 9 00:36:53 2002

Its from a satire site called Fade to Black. Here is the link:

They have some funny stuff but haven't really updated much in 8 months

Posted by: James Brown http:// Sun Feb 10 04:53:00 2002

Ugh! Baby! I say baby! Ow! Sex machine! Say it a lot, uh! Got to--got to--got to say it! Baby! Baby! Baby! Funky now! Ugh! Yeooooooowwww! Baby!

Therefore this theory is disproven.

Posted by: Ben Sun Feb 10 11:49:09 2002

Or the exception which proves the rule? And Mr Brown is contesting that claim that he gave a former staffer genital warts, so there!

Posted by: acb Sun Feb 10 12:26:50 2002

Isn't that Stevie Wonder you're thinking of? I seem to recall James Brown is the one who claims he didn't grope some staffer, or dismiss her when she told him to stop, or what have you.

Posted by: Graham Tue Feb 12 01:26:13 2002

Grudnuk is very disappointed in you.

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