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The show at the Punters was OK. Love of Diagrams was a guitar/bass/drums outfit who played a really tight, energetic instrumental set. Then Sir came on, doing a number of songs (topically enough, they played Handsome first); they were good, though let down a bit by problems with the sound. Anyway, they played their new songs, which was good. Finally, on came Ninetynine, who rocked. They played various old and new songs (including the old one with the Casio VL-1 drum loop; a real touch of class, that), with tremendous energy (as usual, Cameron went berzerk on the drums), swapping instruments between songs as they usually do. They also mentioned that they're supporting Stereolab when they tour, though I think that's at the Prince of Wales show, not the Corner one (to which I'll probably be going).

Pity I couldn't be in two places at once, because Partition were doing a support set at the Dan O'Connell at the same time. I really wanted to hear what their Field Mice tribute song was like...

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Posted by: Graham Fri Feb 15 14:02:28 2002

Hmm. Stuff Casio keyboards, harmoniums are the shit! Little Jewford had one too of course, at the Kinky Friedman gig. Heh.

Posted by: acb Sat Feb 16 12:41:36 2002

If you mean the thing she's blowing into in the photo, you're right. Though Ninetynine also had three (count 'em) Casiotones, a MiniDisc player with a VL-1 drum loop, and a xylophone.

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