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Typical recording racket scumbaggery: first they sued Napster out of business, on the grounds that it robbed artists of their royalties, and now the official, securely locked-down recording industry download services don't pay artists a cent either. (Actually, they are planning to pay them an insulting US$0.0023 per download. Some artists are unhappy with this; to which the racket has responded by putting clauses in their standard contracts giving them the right to use their music online as they see fit.)

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Posted by: recrea33 Tue Feb 19 13:19:03 2002

i'm entirely not surprised.

btw, morpheus seems to have filled napster's shoes reasonably well.

Posted by: acb Tue Feb 19 13:45:57 2002

Except that the Linux client to KaZaA has stopped working a while ago. And the Windows client is apparently full of evil spyware (and, on top of that, requires you to run Windows).

Posted by: Jimbob Tue Feb 19 22:51:55 2002

It's pretty easy to get around the spy-wear in Morpheus if you actually read the message boxes in the installer program. My main problem with morpheus is the dodgy quality of the ads in the program. When are internet adversiters going to start promoting something that people actually WANT instead of spy cams and casinos? It might be a bit more tolerable. Audiogalaxy is great though, and the Linux client works well once you've got past the dodgy install instructions.

Posted by: recrea33 Thu Feb 21 17:46:02 2002

ad-aware takes care of the spyware

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