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First Melody Maker went tits-up, then NME turned into Smash Hits and now Rolling Stone's 50 Best Album Covers of All Time features modern-day classics by artists of the calibre of N'Sync and Blink-182, essentials in every well-rounded record collection. Mind you, that's just the provocative side; then there are the safe choices (old Beatles and Elvis covers, and the token '70s soul, punk and gangsta rap to show that the owner of the collection is hip and with-it; basically respectable MOR predictability that doesn't go out on a limb). (via if.then.else)

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Posted by: Jimbob Wed Feb 27 04:52:01 2002

I love the cover of My Blood Valentine's "Loveless" - the cover just _looks_ exactly like the music sounds.

Posted by: acb Wed Feb 27 12:44:06 2002

Yes, indeed it does; a bloody mess..

for some reason, I never got into MBV. I love Slowdive, and I really liked Swirl's _The Last Unicorn_ (the Australian contribution to shoegazer), but MBV seemed a bit too random to grab my attention.

Posted by: Jimbob Wed Feb 27 13:22:41 2002

eh...i like sonic youth, 'nuff said.

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