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Newsletter of the day: The Shocking Truth, the official organ of British Conservative Catholics(tm), devoted to fighting the Atheist Movement, and exposing dire conspiracies, such as "Evil Jewish academics attempt to rubbish Jesus' carpentry skills" and the truth about Nick Cave's world-domination plot (hint: it involves armies of spiders), as well as useful advice on arranging your son's castration and "why science is wrong". File alongside Landover Baptist. (via Reenhead)

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Posted by: Michael http:// Tue Feb 26 23:05:50 2002

May you be cursed to live in interesting times. I dont belive that was said by an ancient, nor even a chinese

But for some, belief is stronger than reason and what can we do? Pointing it out doesnt work. Why dont we simply invent a cult of true rationality? Oh I forgot. We already had one. They used to call it educatiion, and it used to be reasonably free. If we could market science as a drug, maybe there would be enough dealers to make up the quotient, ah forget it.

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