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Evil things afoot: The Reg reports from the SSSCA hearings. Critics of the draconian proposed law were not invited; nonetheless, an Intel representative had the temerity to question the need for legally mandated copy-denial technology in all hardware, and got blasted for it.
The 'some people' says it all. Most people are criminals, and only a tiny minority are honest and decent, Rosen assumes. This is the also official perspective of Hollywood -- of Eisner, and Valenti, and Hollings. It is a perspective natural to a certain class of person. Consider that we all imagine others to be more or less like ourselves. Decent people expect others to be decent, just like themselves. Criminals expect others to be criminals, just like themselves. When Eisner and Rosen and Valenti and Hollings see a world populated by cheats and frauds and freeloading scum, what does that say about them?

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