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Currently listening to a borrowed copy of the self-titled album by a US post-rockish band named The For Carnation. They're quite good; a bit like Low meets Piano Magic, or something. I think I'll have to find a copy somewhere.

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Posted by: Maurice Mon Mar 11 04:50:02 2002

Brain McMahan, leader/songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist of the band, is (of course) the Brian McMahan from the highly influential Slint. And Slint's Britt Walford also drums on "Being Held." Apart from those connections, they're very un-Slint-like, although there is a similar degree of quiet menace hovering about their works. I caught TFC in the summer of 200, and it was a fine show indeed--brought a noisy bar to quiet, motionless suspension.

Posted by: Maurice Thu Mar 14 19:05:39 2002

err...that would be the summer of *2000.*