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US teen slang after the WTC attack. Attractive boys are "firefighter cute", petty concerns are "*sooo* Sept. 10", mean teachers are "terrorists", and weird kids (read: acceptable targets for bullying) are "Taliban". (via Reenhead)

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Posted by: Graham http:// Wed Mar 20 00:42:33 2002

Weird regarding the "ground zero" reference, since that's how my brother refers to my bedroom. (And we're twice of the age of these mooks.)

Posted by: Mihaly http:// Thu Mar 21 18:00:57 2002

The reference to "Ground Zero" is even more insipid, if you care to think about the damage a Nuclear Weapon (even a small one) might have impacted upon the centre of the western world (New York) Even a small bomb would be overkill - to paraphrase Sir Humphrey of "Yes Minister". Yet it seems likely that "ground zero will become trivialised in the same manner as other terms of media corruption, like "friendly Fire", "Collateral Damage" etc, etc. Dont make it trite, people. The people of Nagasaki and Hiroshima never do. Ironic that the one country with enough money to spend on a "Star Wars" defence system (They call it a shield!!) still has the largest nuclear arsenal (not to mention non-nuclear weapons - biological ring a bell? Taco Bell?) But then Americans dont really understand Irony?

Posted by: Albert http:// Wed Nov 24 03:34:19 2004


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