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The kittens get their own back. But what the smeg is a Domo-kun? (via gimbo)

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Posted by: Buster Hihmenn Wed Mar 20 22:20:05 2002

Domokun is some sort of Japanese excrement-based character made popular by endless Fark photshops.

Posted by: Buster Hihmenn Wed Mar 20 22:21:16 2002

oops. Is there an echo in here?

Posted by: alex Thu Mar 21 02:02:01 2002

i thought he was a meatball. yet he is indeed a poo. born out of an egg. there is a good repository of domo-kun related images and tv footage at , home of the infamous lego porn and an interesting rant on overbearing Subway restaurant managers, with humerous porn-related fax revenge. some of the images look like microsoft xp ads. which begs the question, is bill gates made out of shit, was he born from an egg like monkey was, and, more importantly, what intergalactic space monster laid this egg?