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Some things I'd like to see on DVD (though probably won't):

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Posted by: Graham http:// Fri Mar 22 12:25:21 2002

Heavenly Creatures should be a fair bet. Peter Jackson's earlier stuff would be neat too. (The bit in Bad Taste where they pass around the gruel is priceless.)

Posted by: acb Fri Mar 22 12:32:25 2002

And we mustn't forget Meet The Feebles either, for that matter.

As for Dogs In Space, it doesn't look like it'll come out. I'm almost tempted to buy the R2 DVD with the shite picture quality. (Though it is apparently really poor, like a worn-out video tape.)

Posted by: Claire Fri Mar 22 18:32:18 2002

I don't know -- there are things appearing that I wouldn't have expected, such as _Buckaroo Banzai_ and _Bagpuss_ (in the UK, anyway). Still waiting on the 5-hour _Until the End of the World_.

ObAustralia, the programme I'd most like to see on DVD is _The Games_, which we saw when we lived in Canada.

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