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The Democrats' image-conscious leader Buffy Stott Despoja to marry PR man. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.

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Posted by: Graham http:// Sun Apr 7 12:07:13 2002

Buffy, heheh. Hillary at Crikey will have a field day with this one.

Posted by: Mr Telephone http:// Mon Apr 8 02:43:52 2002

Maybe the Tash, having cornered the "Hey kids!! look at my shiny new Doc Martens" demographic is now after the more mature voter via her impending nuptials with Ian "Harold from Neighbours" Smith, a well respected citizen of Ramsey Street, the very heartland of middle Australia.

You go girl !!!! Girlpower !!!

Posted by: acb Mon Apr 8 05:54:03 2002

Excess content-free comments have been deleted. Use your own web site for that.

Posted by: Mr Telephone http:// Mon Apr 8 05:59:06 2002

mmmmkay, point taken, but let the record show that you left the one that makes very little sense on it's own.

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