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A page written by an outfit calling themselves "Objective: Christian Ministries" and detailing why Apple Computer is a tool of Satan; from their new Darwin OS, based on Communist open-source software and demonic BSD UNIX to notorious atheist Richard Dawkins' preference for Macintoshes, it's all here.

Mind you, I'm not sure whether these people are a joke or a genuine group of honest-to-goodness religious fruitcakes. For what it's worth they also have a campaign to shut down Landover Baptist as an "anti-Christian hate crime".

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Posted by: Jimbob Wed Apr 24 01:16:36 2002

It's looking more and more like they're fruitcakes..."ironic" sites usually have jokes hidden in them, but the more you look into the Objective site, the more you find pages full of deadly serious stuff which couldn't be interpreted as a hoax, like their list of "accomplishments" ( )in trying to get Landover shut down. I find their use of the word "Athiest" (with a capital "A") as a term of abuse rather cute!

Posted by: Paulo Wed Apr 24 13:35:46 2002

"Theobiology"??? What is that?

Posted by: acb Thu Apr 25 03:38:37 2002

Maybe it's something like De Selby's "theochemistry"?

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