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Protecting Our Children: Alarmed that perverts may be getting off on pictures of children which are not technically pornographic, a US congressman has introduced a bill banning all pictures of children not used to sell a product.
The text of CMEPA says that anyone who "displays" or "offers" to sell the image of a minor under 17 years old -- "without a purpose of marketing a product or service other than an image of a child" -- would be fined and imprisoned for up to 10 years.

Of course, if creeps and deviants start paying a lot of attention to ads featuring children, and hopefully buying lots of products, that Helps The Economy, and is thus a Greater Good.

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Posted by: dave http:// Fri May 10 13:50:53 2002

Awesome. We wouldn't have to look at any more fucking pictures of Madonna & baby Jesus anymore!

Posted by: sethg Fri May 10 14:02:51 2002

Actually, I think it would be a fine thing if The Authorities made it illegal to use images of a minor for any commercial purpose, i.e., for any situation where you'd need a signed release to use a picture of an adult, you couldn't use a picture of a child at all.

Think of what such a law would do to the movie industry, the advertising industry, the beauty-pageant industry....

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