The Null Device

A mysterious face found in an Aphex Twin song; yes, in the actual song (the frequency spectrum, to be exact). Demonic influence? Not quite...

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Posted by: Jimbob Sat May 11 15:10:59 2002

Damn, I was gonna try this, but RDJ beat me too it by the looks of it. I just had to work out a way to draw pictures using whitenoise and filters...

Posted by: acb Sat May 11 16:15:27 2002

There is software that does just this. If you have access to a Mac, a program named MetaSynth uses 2D pictures and Fourier transforms to synthesise audio. I suspect that RDJ used this.

Posted by: alex http:// Sat May 11 18:29:39 2002 .

Javascript utility for converting images into sound. Developed in researching sight for the blind.

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