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Our Furry Masters: A psychology researcher at Cornell University has found that domestic cats' meows have evolved to hook into human perception, and better communicate with (or manipulate) humans, over the millennia of domestication. Recordings of the calls of wild desert cats (believed to be closely related to domestic cats' wild ancestors) were found by test subjects to be harsher and less pleasant-sounding than those of domestic cats.
"I think cats have evolved to become better at managing and manipulating people."

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Posted by: np Wed May 15 16:20:00 2002

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Posted by: acb Wed May 15 16:22:28 2002

You've mentioned your site about three times in these comments. Don't you think you're overdoing it a bit?

Posted by: np Thu May 16 11:44:03 2002

Maybe, thanks for reminding. Actually, I think it was only two times.

These remarks came after different types of very closely related science news articles, but they all attract different visitors. This last, the catspeak, was the lightest one. Thanks for hosting and it was interesting to explore the traffic among blogs. Frankly, we are not extremely impressed with science and technology related discussions on MetaFilter.

Posted by: okiba Thu May 16 13:33:34 2002

Our cat has a wide range of meows -- and he is quite the master of manipulation...

As the adage goes -- dogs have owners, cats have staff.