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Vatican cross at stars' crucifixes

The Issues that Matter: The Vatican, the world's oldest multinational corporation, has issued a media statement criticising celebrities for wearing jeweled crucifixes. Then again, mentioning celebrities by name is good for publicity, and right now, any publicity not connected to child sex scandals is good news for them.

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Posted by: bzackey Thu May 23 18:15:04 2002

This is very disappointing to me, as I always thought that the Catholic Church would be the religion best able to transition to the world of gaudy hip-hop celebrities. All that silk and gold would put P. Diddy to shame, and Cardinals even get a cool ring they can make people kiss! As far as Renaissance princes go, the Pope is the number one stunna.

Posted by: acb Fri May 24 03:15:01 2002

Not to mention that artists like Michael Jackson and R. Kelly would be able to fit right into the culture of the Church.