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Fuel-eating bacteria for a kinder, gentler war

The US military has developed what could be the ultimate Viridian weapon: fuel-eating bacteria, which devour oil and petroleum supplies, leaving humans unharmed. And to further realise the dream of a kinder, gentler, fluffier form of warfare, they're also experimenting with bombing enemy troops with Valium. Come to think of it, why not just bomb them with MDMA, and make everybody feel all loved-up and not at all in the mood for fighting?

There are 5 comments on "Fuel-eating bacteria for a kinder, gentler war":

Posted by: skimpy http:// Mon May 27 19:13:48 2002

Why not bomb them with tapeworms?

Posted by: pato http:// Tue May 28 21:34:29 2002

well, the usa is already doing that to its own citizens - what do you think is the biggest yielding crop in the USA? Marijuana

Posted by: Toby Thu May 30 14:11:18 2002

Fuck the US. Fuck the US. Oh, why bother? They're going to lose the next one.

Posted by: acb Thu May 30 14:56:29 2002

Depends when it is. For the next few decades, Fort Kissinger, L5, will be able to hold the rest of the world hostage with particle beam weapons, imposing the Pax Americana, a KFC in every village and Britney on every TV. Then comes the Sino-American War, where the Chinese flatten US cities by launching really big rocks from their moon bases, and the American Empire ends.

Mind you, I'd probably rather live in the American Empire than the Chinese one; at least dissent and dissention are tolerated there (for the most part).

Posted by: skimpy http:// Thu May 30 17:32:14 2002


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