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"one or two" complaints about Baise-Moi

Aren't you glad we live in a liberal democracy? The director of Australia's Office of Film and Literature Classification has revealed that there were no more than two complaints from filmgoers about the banned French film Baise-Moi, confirming that the unprecedented retroactive ban was a result of political pressure from busybodies in government and government-favoured lobby groups.

Isn't it about time someone sued the Liberal Party for misrepresentation and false advertising, because of their name. A party which stands for legislatively imposing a narrow set of moral values on everybody should not call itself "liberal".

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Posted by: Jimbob Wed May 29 05:28:01 2002

I got the "Makin Newsletter" from my local MP, Trish Draper, on Monday. In it she proudly identifies herself as one of the key instigators of the ban, and makes the tenuous claim that "this is the sort of movie that causes people to act violently in the community" (paraphrase). Never mind that many men who've seen the movie have apparently come away with a completely redefined perception of rape, and a better understanding of the horror involved.

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