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Quick 96

Could this be the future of commercial popular music? A radio station which plays "the best parts of your favourite songs", to "address the short attention span of today's busy music fan". The Seattle station will play excerpts from 426 songs per hour, which means that on average, each fragment can be no longer than 8 seconds (probably less with ads). Um, this has to be a joke, right? (via Found)

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Posted by: Hugh http:// Tue Jun 4 15:29:11 2002

Well, thats how hip hop started. (selecting a bass line, beat or melodic fragment from then - late 70's, popular songs)

Posted by: acb Tue Jun 4 15:45:14 2002

True; but hip-hop used it as a starting point for something else. The hip-hop use of sampling/mixing stems from a DIY aesthetic. This, however, is nothing of the sort, but an end product which goes nowhere.

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