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Users don't mind paying for music, but hate DRM

Research shows that online music fans don't mind paying for music; however, they can't stand locked-down DRM formats.

(And quite rightly, too. If Vivendi Universal or someone was to sell me music I liked from their back-catalogue for, say, US$0.99 per MP3, I'd be cool with that, and would probably end up spending a fair bit of dosh on it. But not if it's in some crippled format which (a) requires me to run their choice of operating system, (b) requires me to use and trust their software (which may show ads/have spyware/do ghod knows what), or otherwise (c) assume that I'm a criminal.)

However, what are the odds that the Recording Racket will get the point, clue in and drop their demands for "end-to-end content security"? We'll probably see Hell freeze over, Microsoft embrace the GPL and Nestlé stop killing third-world babies before that happens.

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