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Here To Stay DVD single

I was in the vicinity of Heartland this afternoon, so I stepped in and picked up the imported DVD single of New Order's Here To Stay. It comes with four clips from the upcoming film 24 Hour Party People; it looks like it's going to be a very interesting film.

Though I wonder whether that's really Bernard Sumner in the Here To Stay video; he looks a bit younger and perhaps thinner.

(My verdict on DVD singles: they're a good medium for videos and such (the resolution is much better than Quicktime on CD-ROM), but they probably won't replace standard CD singles for audio, precisely because of the custom interface. When I put on music, I don't want to have to navigate flashy custom menus to hear it (let alone sit through the mandatory copyright warning message). It is precisely the CD's generic, no-frills interface which gives it an advantage over the DVD as a music medium.)

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Posted by: Andrew Sat Jun 8 06:35:16 2002

The perfect single format would have to be DVD/CD hybrid. Put it in a CD player you get the single followed by some excellent b-sides. Put it in a DVD player you get the single's video with the audio following. No menus.

Posted by: Majestic Pitr Sat Jun 8 06:49:51 2002

I felt readers might be interested to learn that, in France, a few luminaries are trying to raise funds to buy music catalogs and publish them with a quite liberal licence, allowing reproduction at the listener's costs.

They're still talking about the legal aspects of the thing, especially since there is a Local State Agency ( which is theorically in charge of this, but yet doesn't understand the benefit of liberal licencing.

What I mean by "liberal licencing" is simply a association membership fee for bandwith- regulated direct access to the media source, and un restricted permission to publish at one's own costs.

They won't publish anything on the Web until they have something to show, but expected to be slashdotted as soon as they'll announce something : stay tuned :-)

Posted by: acb Sat Jun 8 08:16:54 2002

That's interesting. By "music catalogs", do you mean recordings or rights to compositions (i.e., sheet music/MIDI/tabs)? And what music are they looking at buying?

Mind you, if they buy only the rights for the French or European territories, they'll probably have to lock it up with a region-coded DRM system; otherwise, the owners in other territories will sue them.

Posted by: Mjestic Pitr http:// Sat Jun 8 18:37:03 2002

I'm afraid my English isn't good enough to explain all this.

What I meant by "music catalogs" are the rights to publish and distribute (existing) records : this is just real music, nothing less.

The music they're looking at buying is simply the music they can buy :-) since some artists or editors just won't accept the deal. I believe that only a very few living French artists would accept this, but it may work.

Of course, if some former contract exists with foreign-based companies (such as Vivendi* is, now), there is almost no hope of doing this. But there are alot of French artists without any foreign public. And the French Law is really specific about intellectual property : it can work, for sure, but will prolly not interest foreign countries as such, since it'll prolly only concern old French artists for the beginning. But it's a way to begin something, even if not everyone will find itself concerned.

Maybe one day, help from ppl from foreign countries will help to propagate the g

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