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Goths in the Bible Belt

An interesting (if perhaps somewhat too sympathetic) look at Goth culture in the US Midwest, where a $273,000 grant was recently awarded to a youth outreach unit to combat study "goth culture" and the leaders preying on our children. (via Rebecca's Pocket)
As she sits still, her pale back exposed to him like a canvas, he pulls out an X-Acto knife. He leans in and carefully scratches the razor across her back in short strokes. Thin lines of blood appear in an abstract design. Not once does she wince.
Draven says he's a vampire, that he drinks blood, believes in werewolves and smokes weed. "It's a religion," he says, though he can't name any rituals beyond drinking his friends' blood and partying. He says he likes that people seem afraid of him, but he also thinks people should accept him like anyone else. Then he walks off.

(Heh; I've met goths like that...)

(I say too sympathetic, because it completely glosses over what petty-minded, bitchy tossers most goths are; and how, for all the noise they make about being "creative" and "original", they are one of the most uncreative and slavishly derivative youth subcultures around. But I digress.)

There are 3 comments on "Goths in the Bible Belt":

Posted by: Buster Hihmenn Wed Jun 12 06:40:53 2002

That was cathartic. What happen to you that you dislike goths so much and write about it so often? Just curious.

Posted by: acb Wed Jun 12 07:13:10 2002

I've met lots of them in my time, so I know what they're like. And I only write about it when there is a story to be set straight.

I don't believe in the Bible Belt myth that goths are evil satanist vampires; but I don't believe in the counter myth that the Goth subculture is an alternative world of intelligent, creative, sensitive freethinkers, which is bandied about in response. For each one of those, you find dozens weak-minded people looking for something to latch on to. If people who aren't Bible-pounders don't challenge this myth, it will become the accepted truth.

Posted by: Andrew Thu Jun 13 01:22:04 2002

See "Johnny The Homocidal Maniac" comics for more amusing episodes of goths (and people in general) wanting to be accepted but hated but hating everyone else but needing love but...

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