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Scream and run away

Looks like there are plans for a Lemony Snicket movie. Paramount's kids' unit Nickelodeon are planning to make one, with Daniel "Lemony Snicket" Handler writing the script. Though the article suggests that the studio suits may force a happy ending onto it (you know, the standard Hollywood character development arc: characters are plunged into dire peril, find inner strength, and ultimately overcome); meanwhile, Handler is already planning merchandising tie-ins like unwinnable board games.

I hope they get Stephin Merritt to do the soundtrack, given how good a job he did with the book-on-tape version. Though they may just do the obvious thing and get Danny Elfman to do one of his spooky-fairytale scores. (via bOING bOING)

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Posted by: Reenhead Thu Jun 13 00:18:12 2002

Happy ending!? That's so wrong. What I love about the books (especially as they get farther along) is how the kids are forced to make choices between truthful all the time, or let Count Olaf get away with his evilness? They don't know for sure that everything will work out, and they just have to make the best choices they can. A happy ending? Hrmmmph.

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