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as if I didn't buy too many CDs as it is

I just found a pretty doovy online mail-order indie record shop, which is located conveniently in Australia, is fairly cheap (and all prices include postage in Australia) and has a good range of stuff, both local and from various good US/UK indie labels: Traffic Sounds. (Oh yes, they also have MP3 downloads, and they support payment by direct deposit, for people without credit cards.) Just my luck that I found this a day after ordering two discs from Twee Kitten (also good, though located way over in California).

There are 2 comments on "as if I didn't buy too many CDs as it is":

Posted by: luke http:// Fri Jun 14 13:26:05 2002

hey blogger boy. i saw you at the minimum chips show last week. i was going to say hello but i wasn't quite drunk enough at that stage.

you should send leigh/traffic sounds lots and lots of money. cause she's really cool

Posted by: leigh Fri Jun 14 23:56:50 2002

howdy, thanks for the nice words (both of you, luke is so nice!) ... its made my day, since i also found some other site which has accused me of nicking their site design (just coz we happen to share the same colour thats on my front page and thats it!) poo. i find that really offensive. anyway i'm rambling... thanks once again. be sure to say hi once in a while.

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