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ESR vs. Charlie, round 2

Open-source identity and guns-and-Ayn-Rand-libertarian whacko Eric S. Raymond has a righteous rant about Liberals and Conservatives, and why they are inpardonably unappealing. To which, Charlie Stross offers a reasoned response. (Note: link corrected.)

(My beliefs on the last two questions would be fairly similar to Charlie's; I find legislating to control human behaviour based on some theory repugnant (whether it's Christian Fundamentalists, Marxists, copyright absolutists or any other stripe of true believers doing the legislating), but don't like the dog-eat-dog social-darwinism of what passes for "libertarianism" in the US. And I think Ayn Rand is one notch above L. Ron Hubbard in terms of credibility.)

Also on ESR's page, an essay applying the scientific method to why porn is so ugly and unstimulating; keeping in mind that he's a libertarian polyamorist of the Heinlein stripe with a keen interest in all things bootywhangular, you can probably guess that it's not written from a puritanical angle.

There are 2 comments on "ESR vs. Charlie, round 2":

Posted by: Frank http:// Thu Jun 20 10:27:14 2002

Repugnant? Doesn't it matter what theory it is based on? How about the theory that it is best for society if people do not kill each other?

Posted by: acb Thu Jun 20 11:15:10 2002

That's not a theory, that's just common sense. Granted, it's not black and white (i.e., some Libertarian types claim that taxation is morally wrong, whereas some form of taxation is typically required to fund any sort of government). Though after a certain point it comes down to a dominant group or majority imposing its ideology or belief system on everybody else by force, which is what I find objectionable.

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