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Feeding my addiction

Feeding my addiction: Reader's Feast are having a sale during which purchases count for double bonus points; as such, I went down this afternoon and spent too much money on books. I picked up a book on computer-based music composition and genres titled How To Get The Sound You Want (which seems OK, and is conveniently Mac/Cubase-centric), The Feng Shui Detective Goes South, which promises to be quite entertaining, the second His Dark Materials book, the graphic novel of From Hell, and the Lonely Planet guide to London. All of which should get me one or two free books when my bonus points come in.

(Isn't it funny how words can be like sweets or cigarettes or sex or anything else that's habit-forming? How there is such a thing as binge reading, and how one can compulsively read. Or, indeed, if there is nothing good to read, how one will sometimes pick up rubbish like the MX street murdoch and read about the latest celebrity plastic surgery or whatever, like a junky looking for a fix?)

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Posted by: Graham Mon Jun 17 15:34:13 2002

Oh, c'mon, you can never have too many books. Some people find the sight of a groaning bookshelf in the pad far more sexy than any damned etchings.

Posted by: acb Mon Jun 17 15:36:11 2002

what's this about etchings?

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