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CIA to capture Saddam

Looks like Saddam Hussein is fair game now; the CIA have apparently been instructed to send in special forces to capture him, or kill him if he puts up a struggle.

(I'm not at all fond of Saddam Hussein; he seems like the typical barbarous alpha-male thug who claws his way to power over the corpses of lesser competitors -- only he had the help of the Reagan administration, who considered him to be "our sonofabitch", and a useful foil to Iran. However, given that there is no evidence connecting Iraq to the WTC bombing, this seems unjustified except as Bush Jr. (speaking of power-drunk alpha-males) settling family scores.

And then there's the nation-building argument; the only two factions who could establish an post-Saddam Iraqi government with a reasonable powerbase are Shiite Islamists and Communists, both of whom are unacceptable to Washington. So whoever replaces Saddam is likely to be a minority warlord, kept in power with the help of School of Americas-trained death squads and US military and economic backing, against the will of most of his subjects. And we've seen how well such regimes turn out.)

Anyway, in ancient times, captured kings were paraded about in cages in the victors' cities. Of course, these days the cages would be Plexiglass, and city squares would be replaced with shopping malls and TV networks. Which inspired me to jot down this short story a while ago.

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Posted by: mitch http:// Tue Jun 18 02:06:45 2002

No no no. Al Qaeda is controlled by Saddam who is controlled by the CIA who are controlled by a charming, sophisticated intellectual named Nicholas Denton.

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