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new David Bowie album

Just heard a track from the new David Bowie album; it sounds like he's jumping on the glitch/laptop electronica bandwagon. Though it's probably a good change from him trying to sound like Nine Inch Nails or someone, as he did through much of the 1990s. (The whole angstcore thing doesn't really work unless you're a self-loathing teenager from the Bible Belt, and a veteran conceptual-artist type doesn't quite cut it. Though perhaps someone should tell Gary Numan that.)

There are 3 comments on "new David Bowie album":

Posted by: Billy Randall http:// Wed Jun 19 09:11:05 2002

Well, David Bowie is talentless piece of shit. He's got a mouth like a hoover tho!

Posted by: acb Wed Jun 19 14:23:57 2002

Bowie a "talentless piece of shit"? You're kidding, right?

Posted by: limey empresario http:// Thu Jun 20 00:16:30 2002

He's back. No more "Earthling" or "Hours" shit, it's the real thing

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