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Russian Speccies

The bizarre world of ZX Spectrum clones, from Russia, Eastern Europe, South America and Asia. Apparently there were dozens of the beasties, some straightforward knockoffs and some (particularly in the USSR) with bizarrely improvised keyboards and some specced up to run MS-DOS and such. (via the Horn)

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Posted by: cos Sun Jun 23 23:36:57 2002

we had one of these OPD things (as well as two Spectrums, of course). ah, the 80's...

Posted by: acb Mon Jun 24 04:13:42 2002

the English OPD, or its Australian rebadging, the Telecom Computerphone?

Posted by: cos Mon Jun 24 23:13:44 2002

Well, my father worked for ICL (the English-based company that did the box with Sinclair), so it could've been either. I've got a vague feeling it was the Telecom-badged one, though. We even (eventually) got a colour screen for it.

My first days of BBSing were on this thing (300bps, or 1200/75), too.