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London Bloggers Tube Map

This is pretty cool; the London Bloggers Tube Map, mapping bloggers in London to their nearest Tube stops. (Oddly enough, it looks more complex than the Tube maps I've seen. Either they've carried out a massive Underground expansion programme since the London Underground mousepad I have was printed, or those white lines are some other (non-underground) railway system.)

Anyway, someone should do a Melbourne blogger tram map. Here's a start:

via Hume Hwy
  :          |(B)|             Legend:
  |  |       |   |             A = The Null Device
  |  |   112 +   |             B = Leviathan (on hiatus)
19| 1|     /(A)  |             C = The Monkey Puzzle
  |  |   /       |86
  |  |  |  +-----+
  : ++  :  |
======== YARRA RIVER ======
 |  |

Ph3ar my l33t ASCII-art kung fu!

There are 5 comments on "London Bloggers Tube Map":

Posted by: David Golding Fri Jun 21 13:39:34 2002

n1c3 4R7 :-)

I think I'm just beneath A. But as of Sunday I'll be moving outwards...

Posted by: Mohamed http:// Fri Jun 21 19:30:05 2002

The white lines will be the overground lines run by the late lamented British rail and now privatised into chaos. It took us years to get he North London line (handy loop connecting stratford with kew)included in the tube map. No bloggers here on the Cairo Metro, though we could be starting something just south of Haddeyek el Maadi.

Posted by: Adrian Hind Sun Jun 23 09:11:20 2002

I'm on the 64-line slighty to the NW of C.

There's a New York subway blogger map at in a very similar style to the London Bloggers Tube Map.

Posted by: Andrew Bowie Mon Jun 24 02:10:06 2002

I'm at the end of Route 75.

Posted by: recrea33 Wed Jun 26 05:32:17 2002

damn. i'm just off the map.