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Why didn't Gary Glitter think of that?

Now why didn't Gary Glitter think of that? On trial for sex with a minor, 'R&B' producer R Kelly has recorded a song making his case. The song, titled Heaven, I Need A Hug, will be released exclusively to a local radio station. With the salacious backstory and stomach-turning title/lyrics, it looks set to end up on numerous least essential recordings lists and post-ironic novelty mix CDs.

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Posted by: bzackey Mon Jun 24 01:08:09 2002

I was not surprised at all when I heard the news, though "Heaven, I Need a Hug" is a pretty horrible title, even for him. Many of R.'s contemporaries have released songs in the midst of legal difficulties, like P. Diddy and Jay-Z (R. actually sang the hook on the track where Jay-Z insists that he didn't actually stab two people in a nightclub). I laugh and laugh, though I hear that there's some pretty sick shit on the videotape in question, including urination directed someplace other than a toilet. Can anyone confirm?

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