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HTML improvements

Well, after a bit of tweaking, the HTML of this blog has become somewhat less hideous, and as such it renders OK in Konqueror now. (Amazing how much a missing </FONT> tag can stuff things up. And yes, I know I should get rid of all the FONT tags and do everything with stylesheets, and I'll get around to it one of these days.) I haven't tested it in IE yet (not having VMWare set up on my new Debian system yet), though.

There are 5 comments on "HTML improvements":

Posted by: ed Mon Jun 24 18:40:47 2002

it looks good on IE now. But you could make the top links (home, about, ...) more readable.

Posted by: richard Tue Jun 25 01:56:05 2002

Yay (though it's always been readable for me, and I use Konqi). The best CSS reference I've found is at - it's the best because I do CSS once in a blue moon, and I still manage to get whatever I need done quickly and correctly.

Posted by: Drifter http:// Wed Jun 26 08:23:43 2002

Fonts are too small. They look about 6pt. I use Galeon. I have to zoom up to 140 percent to see things properly. It looks only slightly better in Konqueror though. It looks really good in Dillo.

Posted by: Mihaly http:// Fri Jun 28 07:10:32 2002

I'm using Netscape Navigator version 4.8 I think, on an iMac, and the text is fine, but the graphic appears over the top of some text at the top of the page, which relates to some links, but the image scrolls down over the top of it before I can see what it all says, the last line of which contains something about contacting your congressman. The first visible text after the image is RECENT READING: Is this helpful? Mihaly

Posted by: acb Fri Jun 28 08:53:05 2002

Nyetscape 4.x is rather broken. I don't support it. Anyway, Mozilla, Konqueror, OmniWeb, IE, &c., exist and work better.