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The King in Yellow

Which character from The King in Yellow are you? It says I'm Prince Thale. I've got a copy of it sitting around; one day I'll have to actually get around to reading it. (via Lukelog)

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Posted by: Reen Mon Jul 1 14:47:22 2002

I'm Princess Camilla. But I am also confused. I also stumbled on the quiz last night, and looked up an etext of The King in Yellow. Few of the characters in the quiz are mentioned at all in the book, and not with enough detail to give any hint of personality. Arggh. Guess I'll just have to follow the Barbelith thread on the matter until someone explains...

Posted by: mitch http:// Tue Jul 2 01:46:59 2002

Phantom of Truth... I ran across this the other day when doing a "King in Yellow" search; strange to see it independently circulating in blogland. Incidentally, these are characters from the (fictitious) *play* KIY, not from the book KIY. Just like the Necronomicon, several people subsequently had a go at instantiating the play.

Posted by: Ben http:// Tue Jul 2 13:19:21 2002

He wears no mask! He wears no mask!

Posted by: Donnie M http:// Wed Jul 3 02:35:27 2002

I should put my original French impression onto Ebay to see what I would get ;->