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Welcome to 2002, Graham

The unthinkable has happened: Graham has ditched his hand-maintained blog system in favour of Movable Type, and now has permalinks. Welcome to the modern world, Graham.

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Posted by: Graham Wed Jul 3 08:23:22 2002

Well, it wasn't as much a system as a bad habit that got out of hand.

Posted by: acb Wed Jul 3 08:28:55 2002

Heh. Remind me to set up a RDF feed when I get the time. (I've already got item titles; I added those about a month or two ago.)

Posted by: Andy Gimblett Wed Jul 3 08:58:52 2002

Heh... And I just ditched Blogger in favour of a home-grown system.

OK, so it's not exactly "hand-maintained" (well, the code is), but there you go... :-)

Posted by: acb Wed Jul 3 09:10:14 2002

My code is homemade; like yours, it's a set of Python scripts. (Gradually becoming less crufty; some time ago, I started abstracting the blog-item filesystem into a BlogStore object which stores items by identifier. So if I replace it with a database or something, I just need to replace BlogStore.)

Posted by: Graham Wed Jul 3 12:11:55 2002

"Welcome to 2002, Graham"

Oh, very droll. :)

Posted by: Jimbob Thu Jul 4 01:33:08 2002

If I switched to MoveableType or something else, I would just feel so much less 1337 that I do now with a hand made database system. I just wouldn't 0wN you as much.