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FilmFour Falco

FALCO! British film production outfit FilmFour is being shut down. Having been responsible for films such as Trainspotting and My Beautiful Laundrette, FilmFour was the premier maker of edgy, intelligent British films. Now the British film industry looks likely to be mostly Working Title/Miramax feel-good pap, insipidly bourgeois Merchant/Ivory costume dramas and formulaic Hollywood blockbusters.

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Posted by: a Czar is born http:// Thu Jul 11 09:45:54 2002

What film _industry_ produces anything else ? BTW, FilmFour was built _after_ the success of the British film production renewal, (with Loach, etc.) to capitalize on it and failed as usual.

The worst the film industry is, the best the chances are to have interesting movies coming.

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