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New Ninetynine album coming soon

In live music news, Ninetynine have completed recording, mixing and mastering their new album. It'll be titled The Process and should be out in 3-4 weeks.

(I dragged myself along, doped up on pseudoephedrine, to see them tonight. They put on an intense show; more so than you'd expect from a group of people who had been up for 48 hours putting the finishing touches on an album. And they're playing in about 2 weeks' time at the Rob Roy.)

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Posted by: Graham Sun Jul 21 05:45:06 2002

If it wasn't self-produced, who did they end up producing it with?

Posted by: jarrod Sun Jul 21 05:55:14 2002

i believe it would be lindsy garvina (sp?) whose worked one stuff from birthday party to magic dirt to uh...dave graney i think etc.

Posted by: acb Sun Jul 21 12:59:17 2002

I think it was him. Cameron said that he did the mastering as well. (Probably just as well that they didn't go to David Briggs for that, as apparently his work has gone severely downhill recently, or so I'm told.)

Posted by: Ben Mon Jul 29 04:40:34 2002

The record was tracked (not by Lindsay) and mastered (by Lindsay) at Birdland. There isn't a producer as such. Inasmuch as anyone did the things producers usually do, that'd be the band.

It'll be out in about eight weeks, not three or four I think.