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Medical pot users flee to Canada

As the hardline government of the United States redoubles its' crusade against the evil of marijuana, medical marijuana users are seeking asylum in Canada. (While some US states have ruled medical marijuana to be legal, the federal government is zealously prosecuting all involved in its provision. And with all those FBI agents assigned to the War On Drugs and son-of-COINTELPRO, makes you wonder who's actually doing something about boring old-fashioned crimes like murder and robbery.)

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Posted by: Bubba http:// Sun Jul 21 13:04:10 2002

You forget that the pot-heads are behind a lot of the robbery and murder, so by strangling their addiction at the source the crime rate will drop. Think of the children!

Posted by: acb Sun Jul 21 13:54:32 2002

You've been getting all your facts from old exploitation films and pulp paperbacks then?

(Not to mention the fact that it makes white women have sex with negroes and Satanic jazz musicians.)

Posted by: Bubba http:// Mon Jul 22 00:42:23 2002

Good Lord! I hadn't realised about those last two! Better ban that sinful modern Jazz music also! To the arms locker!