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THIS IS A HEAVY PRODUCT: Some witty Londoner has printed stickers modifying Tube maps, adding imaginary details such as chasms (marked with "Mind the Gap") and alien spaceships to otherwise featureless Tube lines. (via 1.0)

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Posted by: stu http:// Sun Jul 21 00:50:32 2002

tube map alterations: funny

ps. impact! eeeeeyyywwww! unless one has a 23 inch monster monitor. it's frankly damn hard to read.

Posted by: Michael S. Wed Jul 24 13:40:09 2002

Have you seen "The Great Bear"? It's a cute version of the tube map with altered station names. A sample: (Found at "Life and Times of the London Underground Map"

Posted by: acb Wed Jul 24 14:13:19 2002

I have indeed. I believe I even took part in a game of Mornington Crescent on it once.

(All Sinologues declared mauve.)